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More than the inconvenience, losing car keys can be quite expensive. The only thing you can do to avoid paying up for pricey replacements is to not lose the keys in the first place. However, no matter how careful we are with them, one can never be too cautious. In fact, statistics indicate that over one-fourth of vehicle owners have lost their keys at some point of time. So, what do you do if you lost car keys , but have no spare on you? Read on:

Do not attempt forceful entry:

Are you in a ‘lost car keys, no spare’  situation that has robbed you of access to your own vehicle? We know how distressful such situations could be. Also, if the same occurs in the middle of the night or in a location where the chances of acquiring help are slim, you might be propelled towards taking matters into your own hands. Breaking down the car lock or smashing the windows to gain access can be a foolhardy decision on your part. You’ll end up paying several times over to fix the damages you’ve inflicted.

I lost my keys - what are my options ?

  • Dealership 
    You can tow your vehicle to the dealership. However, if you’re short on cash, the expenses on hiring a towing service and on getting the key replacement will likely burn a hole in your pockets. Also, they do not work after standard hours, so you can rule out this option if you need help during odd-hours.
  • 24-hour locksmith​
    While most people are oblivious to the fact that locksmiths can help in such circumstances, this option is by far, the best and most affordable one. Few locksmiths offer onsite service, thus you don’t have to pay a towing service. The prices for key replacements are generally lower that that charged by dealers.

The best auto key maker in town:

Meet McKees Rocks Locksmith – a comprehensive locksmithing agency that extends its service offerings across the automotive domain as well. Lost car keys , have no  spare ? Don’t worry, we’ll make you one right on the spot.

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If you’re facing a ‘lost car keys, no spare’ situation and need new keys right away, count on our expert automotive locksmiths to deliver. Dial 412-533-9234 for assistance!